Reviews for kelly as a BOARD MEMBER

Kelly Monaghan is the longest-serving member of COTA's Board of Directors and during her tenure has helped mature the organization and its governance: seeing it from an advisory panel to the functioning, professional body it is today, responsible for the strategic direction and fiduciary oversight of the organization.

"Kelly's communications and time-management skills have kept our board running as it should, and our organization humming in the community. She is always professional and on-task, is outcome-oriented, and a committed member of our organization."

- Matthew Holmes, former Executive Director, Canada Organic Trade Association

"A dedicated IOIA volunteer, Kelly served as Chair of the Membership Committee for four years. She fills IOIA's seat on the Organic Technical Committee. As the Canadian standards were developed and implemented, she wrote a regular column for our newsletter to keep inspectors informed. In 2009, she was a key person in the development and delivery of the largest training project in Canada, a collaborative project of Canadian Organic Growers, OTA in Canada, and IOIA, funded by Agri-Food Canada. In 2010, she was part of the team to develop and deliver training on the Canadian standards to the USDA, auditors who assess certifiers. She is an excellent writer and stays current and informed - a true professional. Kelly is also personable, organized, fun, and absolutely great to work with!"

- Margaret Scoles, Executive Director, International Organic Inspectors' Association

"Kelly is an asset. She works towards critical decisions re: maintaining integrity for the Canada Organic brand. She was objectively reviewed and critiques budgets, as well as examined sub-contractor wage reviews, with skill and tact. She proved herself a competent, objective guide on these key non-profit management issues. If your group needs a board member who can and will participate, respond, then work to achieve consensus in a timely manner, Kelly will be your choice!"

- Tomás Nimmo, Manager, Annual Guelph Organic Conference & Expo

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