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Reviews for kelly as a consultant

“Without Kelly’s help, it would have taken us a lot longer and cost

a lot more money to get organic certification.”  

“It is invaluable to have such an experienced person ready to answer

questions about our organic program at a moment’s notice.”  

“Kelly’s experience and relationships help us ensure that we’re getting

the right information on what’s required for certification.”  

"Kelly brings with her up-to-the-minute understanding of the organics

industry in North America and an impressive network of resources.

Her exceptional communication skills make her a pleasure to collaborate with."

                                                                     - Standards Coordinator, The Big Carrot Retail Store

"Kelly's experience and relationships help us ensure that we're getting

the right information on what's required for certification."

                                                                  - Director Quality & Safety, Catelli Foods Corporation

"Kelly has been an invaluable asset to our team, demonstrating

commitment and thoroughness not easily found."

- Former CEO, Cocoa Camino

“Kelly’s knowledge and experience is immediately apparent when

working together. Kelly listens closely to understand problems and is

expert at identifying positive solutions. A welcome helping hand!”

– Ben Cullen, Cullen’s Foods  

"Kelly's assistance with our organic certification was of immense

value -- I'm confident that we could not have accomplished what we did

without her.  Kelly is very professional, knowledgeable, well-connected in

her field and was always very efficient and responsive to our needs."

- President & CEO, Highline Mushrooms

"Kelly's advice on the certification application that we prepared helped

us avoid what might have been expensive and time-consuming delays.

We were very pleased that this advisory assistance is available with Kelly!"

- QA Manager, Linsey Foods

"My impression of Kelly is one of professionalism, courteousness, easy

to talk to with a deep knowledge of organic regulations in North America." 

- Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Ocean Nutrition Canada

"I have the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 10 years as a presenter, auditor

and consultant. Her experience and vast knowledge of the industry has been

a great resource to our company. Kelly is one of the best in her field."

- Director of Coffee, Zavida Coffee Company Inc.

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