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Reviews for kelly as a TRAINER


"Thank you for a great webinar, you are such a gifted presenter."

Your presentation today was very informative, "fast paced, and challenging. I came away with a much better understanding on how to implement the COR [Canada Organic Regime] regulations at our facility."

"One of the best presenters on standards I've ever seen. Great job!"

"Excellent presentation skills. Very enjoyable day."

"Dynamic instructor. Very knowledgeable and made material interesting."

"I learned a lot, and can now apply this knowledge at my company."

"Thanks so much for the webinar, it was interesting and you also made it fun and engaging which was really great."

"Thanks for the fantastic webinar; it was very informative!"

"I found the calculation exercises and slides breaking down the relationships between different players in the industry really helpful."

"Great seminar Kelly. You are a good presenter and love your humour."

"Kelly did a fantastic job at providing us with all the necessary info and she made it fun too (a hard thing to do when it comes to what can sometimes be a dry subject)"

"Thanks for a great course. You are doing good things for this industry. :) "

"Thanks for the webinar, it was really great and worthwhile"

"Thanks for this most informative course."


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